Your dog is your first baby. They provided so much love and comfort during your months of pregnancy and they are such an important part of our families. As a dog lover myself, my phone and camera is FULL of pictures of our dogs and kids. Most of my families have beloved dogs at home and want to capture their new baby with their first baby! There are a few keys to success to make it successful to capture these precious moments together. Below are my tips for success for having your dog at home in our shoot!

  1. Have treats on hand: Every dog loves treats and naturally they capture their attention much easier. Treats help me focus the dog in looking towards the camera, posing, and sitting your dog. While I am certainly not a dog trainer, a few treats on hand will help us get the dog in place and attentive,
  2. Trim nails: This may be the most important thing on the list with your new baby at home. We want to make sure in the excitement that the baby can be safe from any scrapes from long puppy nails. I know this is the last thing on your mind when you bring home your new baby, but this is great practice to protect your little one from any scratches. We all know dogs sometimes LOVE to greet the new baby!
  3. Consider where your dog naturally enjoys to sit. If we want to try to get a picture of the dog and the baby together, consider your dog's favorite spot in the house. Does he love the bed or the couch? Let's start there and meet the dog where they are most comfortable.
  4. Know Your Limits. Alright, this one is important. We will do OUR VERY BEST to capture your pup and baby, but the new baby and a stranger (me!) in the house can be a lot. Safety is always my priority so we will never force the dog to do anything that may upset it. Sometimes dog behavior is just a little too wild to capture a shot safely,