Moore County, NC

As we just passed our fourth year here in Pinehurst, NC I am feeling a bit sappy about all things here in the Sandhills. I feel really lucky that we have made this our forever home and our roots here feel stronger with each passing season. Like so many military wives, I arrived here with no friends, no local emergency contacts, and no idea what I would do to occupy our time. As a young mother I didn't know what this season of life would hold for our family but the mystery revealed to us so much magic. As a Southern Pines Photographer I spend considerable time in each Moore County city and thought it would be fun to share my favorite things about each, especially for my new folks PCSing to Fort Bragg or considering moving to Moore County!


The crown jewel of Moore County, or maybe I am a little biased! We LOVE all the activities in Pinehurst and have a special fondness for the Village of Pinehurst. We spend a great amount of time wandering the golf course and streets on our family golf cart, a newly acquired Moore County purchase. One of my favorite things about Pinehurst is that we can get to the parks, pool, splash pad, and out to eat all on our golf cart. We love exploring the golf courses and Harness Track watching horses. We have amazing festivals in the Village and feel safe in our homes!

Southern Pines

I consider Southern Pines the heart of it all! A great place for shopping, eating, and learning, downtown Southern Pines is fantastic for families! Whether you are within walking distance of downtown or have to park, Southern Pines is a great way to spend an afternoon. The downtown park is the best in the area for kids both older and tiny. I love the Painted Ponies that line the streets come late winter. We are fond of the Southern Pines Public Library for our book fix and they have great children's programming!

Whispering Pines

Oh the lakes of Whispering Pines! What a gorgeous area of water and hidden mystery. When I visit homes in Whispering Pines I always feel like they have such great lot sizes, equipped with big backyards and lots of great new build neighborhoods. Folks rave about the schools in Whispering Pines and the sense of community. While there isn't a huge shopping presence here you are a short jaunt to either of the other two larger areas for all your shopping needs. Whispering Pines boasts a number of great parks, but you are required to be a Whispering Pines resident to visit them, so grab a resident friend before you head that way!


What a growing area full of opportunity and convenience! Truthfully I spend SO much of our time in Aberdeen area businesses. In the commercial area you will fight the heavier traffic here in Moore County, but I love all the unique neighborhoods hiding all around Aberdeen! There is a large lake and city park in the heart of Aberdeen for great green space and events! In the summer they have a wonderful movies by the lake series and boast some amazing fireworks come July 4th! Downtown Aberdeen is another area that is wonderful to spend time shopping or eating. Sweet Carolina Ice Cream Shop, Charlotte's Fine Furnishings, Masons, and the Workshop Tavern are all well worth visits for your eating or shopping needs. There are a number of breweries in the area as well and we love some of the festivals in downtown Aberdeen in the spring (like the Dog Festival!)

Needless to say, we are SO grateful for the unique opportunities that each area brings to our Moore County culture. IF you are looking to move to Moore County, you cannot go wrong with any of these options, or the smaller towns surrounding them such as West End, Seven Lakes, and Carthage.