heirloom portrait in smocked gown from Belli bambini
one year old girl in white smocked dress

Q: What age range is best for heirloom portraits?

  • There is no preferred age for these photos. I am comfortable photographing 3 month old babies in this manner all the way up to high school seniors.

Q: Should I bring a bribe for my child? They can be hard to photograph.

As a toddler mom myself, please understand I feel very comfortable and have a great deal of experience photographing wiggly children. Some children respond well to the promise of a surprise treat at the end of the session. When the treat is a surprise (as opposed to knowing exactly what it is ahead of time) I find they are more compliant. I find that Sweet Tarts are a great photo session bribe as they do not leave colored stain on teeth, hands, or clothing!

Q: How long does the session usually take?

  • On average 10-20 minutes per session. If needed, I will play or give the child a break and retry after a few minutes. There is no extra charge if we go past 20 minutes. I find that most children this age cannot sit still longer than 5 minutes at a time, so I work fast during these sessions and know how to recognize when we've reached a child's photo limits.

Q: Do you provide clothing options and is there a way to see them beforehand?

  • Yes! We have complimentary wardrobe options! You may show up with your child in PJ's if that is easiest! I have options!

Q: Does it matter what type of shoes they are wearing?

  • You know those shoes that you don't like but your child loves? Let her wear 'em. For heirloom pictures, they will not be in the shot. This will be fantastic for toddler compliance ;)

Q: Do you do sibling photos?

  • I do offer sibling photos! Please discuss this at booking for pricing.

Q: What is your cancelation policy?

  • Session fee is non-refundable but it is transferable.

*Have a few friends or family interested? Host an heirloom portrait event for special pricing. Contact Lolly for more information.

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