You've got orders, now what?

Orders to Ft. Liberty? First of all, let me say CONGRATS! You are absolutely going to love family life here in Moore County, NC. With a HUGE influx of active duty folks desiring to live in Moore County, you will be welcomed immediately to a community that truly "gets it". We love it here so much that we've decided this is our forever home, even when military retirement comes. The schools in Moore County are wonderful and whether you are opting for public, private, or a charter school there are so many (almost too many)! options for you.

Looking for a family friendly neighborhood where kids can roam safely? Don't worry, all the cities in Moore County have new build neighborhoods with lots of young families. If you are aiming for something a little older and settled with lots of trees, you'll have plenty of options, including some amazing golf front communities

Want a place with lots do for families? You will be thrilled with the options for kids here. The area is growing each month with new things to do for all ages and with a Target and more shopping headed this way, nothing is going to be slowing anytime.

If you are planning a move, here are a few suggestions from a Moore County Military Spouse Mom of two:

1) Get on preschool waitlists EARLY. Registration is typically in January and most of the schools will have a waitlist. Ask Facebook groups in the area for suggestions on where you look and act quick.

2) Find a real estate agent who is a military spouse or has lived here a long time. Military spouses truly just "get it" and what factors you may be looking for, such as commute times and community.

3). Join a gym! Okay, this may be specific to the area, but there are some amazing gym communities in town and the greatest way to make friends fast. Whether you are wanting to bring kids into your workout, (SLAM is a great option for this) or looking for a place with childcare available on site or a Crossfit Box, our area is full of folks looking for wellness.

4). Check the local events for free fun. Come spring time the Pines comes alive with outdoor festivals and concerts and the entire town goes. It is a great place to start hanging out socially and with a town this will surely know people soon at these events!