PCS season: It's the most wonderful time of the year....or, is it? Depending on your desires, receiving those PCS orders to your new location can bring all the emotions and fears. Perhaps you are thrilled about the prospective of your new city and all the possibilities a location change can bring or maybe the opposite emotions are being brought to the surface when that email comes in. As a mom of little kiddos, small-business owner, and an Air Force wife myself, I know all about the mixed feelings PCS season can bring. Will I make friends in our. new duty-station? Where will we find a new dentist, preschool, church, play-group....and gym? What will community look like in this new city and honestly, where is the closest Target?

Well if you've received PCS orders to Ft. Bragg and planning on living in Moore County and you are like me, you'll learn quick through a Google Search that Moore County doesn't have a local Target. For many this is a huge shock and can honestly bring a bit of confusion about this new area you are soon to call home. What is this place like? Can I enjoy a small town? And where will I find the basics?!

As a local photographer in Moore County I have had the pleasure of learning and photographing all the beauty here in Moore County. There are SO many things to be excited about when you plan to move to Moore County, but here are a few:

  1. The Parades: Between the Veterans Parade in Southern Pines and the July 4th Parade in Pinehurst, you are bound to fall in love with all the parades this village has to offer! We try not to miss ANY of the big parades in town and have even had occasion to walk in a few! The whole town turns out for these events and they are guaranteed to be easy fun for all ages. You truly never know what to see in these parades (like an Ostrich at the Christmas Day Parade in 2021)! If you are lucky enough to be stationed at Ft. Bragg, do NOT miss these parades. HECK, soldiers even parachute in during the Veterans Parade-you don't see that often in other cities.
  2. The Small Businesses: It won't take you long to realize one of the many things that makes this area special are all the unique small businesses our town has to offer. Between the amazing shops in the Village (Such as Bump and Baby to name just one!), to the many boutiques in Southern Pines ( R. Riveter is a local favorite) you'll quickly be impressed by all the local entrepreneurship talent we have here in Moore County. All the Target talk aside, Moore County does a great job in supporting small business owners and it is very easy to shop small locally. It is so important to remember about how our spending dollars can stay local when we shop in our city.
  3. The Schools: You've gotten your PCS orders and naturally your mind jumps to the schooling in your new location. Between amazing brand new public elementary schools and wonderful charters and private school options, your chid's education will flourish in Moore County with your move. I love the fact that we will be able to golf cart our daughter to kindergarten next year, another fun perk of small town life.
  4. The Community Feel: When you live in Moore County, you can rest assured that every grocery store run (we have a HUGE Harris Teeter that is jokingly referred to as a Taj-ma-Teter) you are bound to bump into friends. There is so much pride for our area and you'll hear so many folks say they have fallen in love with the area very quickly.
  5. The Golf: We don't have a putt-putt here locally but when you have some of the world's best and most famous golf courses around....well, you aren't missing much. Take advantage of being in the cradle of golf and encourage your children to learn a few things while they are here! Watch some of the local talent or be lucky enough to attend many of the golf events. I highly recommend the US Kids World Championships! There is even a Netflix documentary on it, featuring Pinehurst.
  6. The Events: Each weekend your social calendar will be slammed with fun local events, many of which are free. Do some shopping at the Farmers Market, hit up Red's Corner for drinks, or grab some friends for a First Friday in Downtown Southern Pines. Small town doesn't doesn't mean small life...I promise!