Here we are, year 3 (junior year?) into this thing we call a global pandemic. So many industries have had to pivot, create new strategies, and offer new services to keep their client's safe. As a Moore County photographer I am so sad that photographers aren't currently allowed in hospitals to provide newborn photography in the hospital. There is nothing like those precious Fresh 48 sessions to document your new baby.

Thankfully, I feel very confident in the safety of my in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. As a photographer I am fully vaccinated and boosted and diligent in wearing my k95 mask for our newborn shoot. As a mom I also know the vulnerability of a newborn baby to all types of germs and take seriously doing my part into keeping everyone healthy. I always want families to know I will rebook if I am under the weather in any way and I make sure to wash my hands first thing upon entry into your home.

I remember the fear embedded into me by my first daughters pediatrician at discharge. I felt like I needed to keep my baby in a bubble for two months at his advice! But I also know how that isn't practical! I had to learn to manage health and safety and sanity as a new mom and new moms, I know you are likely struggling with this balance in the current world. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all the extra stresses the pandemic brings.

I hope, despite all the unknowns we are facing right now in the pandemic, that you decide to still consider newborn photography to document your new growing family. I am happy to chat with you about my personal precautions during this time as you consider newborn photographers in Pinehurst and Southern Pines! We love what we do and we want to help you capture these moments!

newborn in carters white onesie and mom in Ann Taylor Loft sweater