How to prepare your house for a newborn photography session

Your sweet baby is here, you are sleep deprived, happy and feeling a whirlwind of emotions. If you aren't exactly sure when the last day you put on real clothes and showered, if your kids were even fed breakfast this morning, and counting down with fear the days left in your husband's paternity leave, well I am for sure the Moore County newborn photographer for you! To make life a bit easier for you, I have put together a few tips to prep your house for our session together!

Pinehurst newborn photoshoot three kids on ikea bed
  1. Study your house. Photographers are always studying the light around them so I am asking you to become familiar with how the light falls in your house. Noticing gorgeous morning light in the baby's nursery, take note of the time. Love how the light dances in your bedroom across the room? Check the clock! When we finalize your newborn date I will ask you about your favorite rooms and when they get the "best light". Photographers know that north and south facing windows are great, soft light so if necessary we will use the direction of your house to determine what time of day we shoot!
  2. Prep Baby for Best Happiness. We know newborns are....unpredictable but I have found that feeding them as I arrive will keep them happy at the start of the session (which coincidentally is the happiest time for older siblings too.). I do also ask you either bump the heat (or lower the AC!) depending on time of year. We want to keep baby a bit warmer so baby can stay warm and happy.
  3. Think about your favorite items. Grandma knit a new blanket for the baby? We absolutely want to capture that. I have that without thinking about these special items, you may forget to set them aside for our shoot. Take a quick mental inventory of any sentimental items in your house you'd want in our photos and put them aside.
  4. Take a deep breath. Can I let you in on a little secret? You are going to have fun at your newborn session. Without fail I will be photographing the baby solo or with mom, and I will peek over at dad and see him grinning with delight at his new baby. There is something peaceful and beautiful about taking moments to completely delight in this new baby. That is what newborn photos are ALL about, pausing for the moment and capturing these extremely fleeting time in your new baby's life. Relax, enjoy this process, kiss your baby, snuggle your older kids, and just cherish this moment. Family photos does not have to be stressful and I will use my expertise and experience to make this time in your family's story wonderful AND beautiful.
baby in a boppy and white Carters onesie
big brother jumping on the bed with cat and jack t shirt
dad holding new baby girl in white target onesie