dad kissing baby girl with hair bow
new parents sitting on floor with carpet holding baby girl in white onesie

The thought of having a newborn photography session in your house may seem overwhelming at first. I am a newborn and family photographer based in Moore County, NC and I often hear parents express concern that their house isn't picture perfect, Pinterest worthy, or tidy enough for a in-home photography.

As a mom myself, I get it! I am the worst critic of my own house-the spaces that need a little more TLC or the rooms that are overflowing with "extras". But the GREAT news about in-home photography is you don't need a Pinterest worthy home to capture GORGEOUS images of your family in your own space. All you really need is one good room with good light. I'll take care of the rest.

The second piece of great news is you don't need a perfectly tidy house to have photos at home. A few days before your session I will send you an email with a few quick tidying up tips (things like hiding the alarm clock in your bedroom or the cups from the hospital on your nightstand!). When I arrive I may move a bit of furniture with your permission to set up the room for the best photos. I have shot in plenty of different houses and have yet to come across a house that did not photograph beautifully!

Here are a few things to consider when prepping your house:

  1. What direction do your windows face? You can use an app to determine the direction of your windows for lighting purposes but I will likely ask you what direction are the windows in your favorite room. East facing windows will likely need us to shoot in the morning and west in the afternoon around 2. If you have north and south windows, we can shoot anytime!
  2. What kind of colors do you have in your home? This will help inform us on what type of styling will work best for your clothing. If you decorate in neutral tones, you'll want to stick with that in your clothing choice. Like bold color? Consider reflecting that in your clothes!
  3. Do you have rooms in your house that hold special meaning? Did you put lots of time in that new nursery or did your other child just get a new "big kid room?" It is so fun to capture these new spaces on camera-after all you've spent so much time creating them and you will want to remember these spaces in your family history! So many of us are military families who move quite often-having professional images in your current home will provide lasting memories for your entire family, even when the kids may not exactly remember that house at their age!
  4. How much more comfortable might you be in your own home? With in-home newborn shoots you can finish getting yourself or the older kids ready while I photograph the new addition can even put your feet up while I photograph dad and the new babe! Don't forget all the time saved commuting to a space, prepping car seat and diaper bag for a new babe, and not having to worry about forgetting anything at home (hello diapers!)

There are so many reasons why at-home newborn photoshoots are my favorite session type to offer. I can see the joy on the parents' faces when they hold their new baby in the nursery they designed, or rock them in a special chair they selected. Everything is more comfortable and personal at home. You fears about clutter, style, or perfection need not keep you from capturing these moments. I will work with you each step of the way to alleviate any concerns you may have!

newborn baby girl in Target bed with Cat and Jack bedding
mom holding baby girl with white onesie and Aiden and anis muslin swaddle