1. MyGym Sandhills

Oh I can't say enough about MyGym Sandhills! We began both my girls in their classes during the pandemic, a time when all three of us desperately needed to get out for some socialization and exercise. I fell in love with the ladies of MyGym and the creative ways they engage the children in play and learning. Each week was a unique skill and adventure and a great balance between structured play and open gym! When it came time for my daughter's 4th birthday there was no question where she wanted it to be! MyGym takes care of ALL the details and even reaches out to find out if your party has a theme. Like most 4 year old girls my daughter wanted a Frozen themed class and the instructors infused activities that would wow even Ana and Elsa and the ever important Frozen soundtrack to class. They even handled set up, clean up, and serving the food. It was truly the most hands off party I have ever thrown! My kids both get SO excited when they are invited to a Mygym birthday party and I cannot blame them! I would be too!

  1. Southern Pines Park Downtown or other amazing Moore County Parks

This is a great option for the parent who just doesn't feel like hosting in their own home and wants to take advantage of the amazing parks we have here in town. My children both love attending a park-party and the set up and clean up is the easiest for parents! You don't have to worry about having a lot of "entertainment" for the kids, as the park serves as the perfect backdrop for the party. Moore County also has a number of covered areas for dining during the party. Bonus points at the end of the party at the kids are so tired from playing so hard with their friends outside!

  1. Pollywogs

If you are a Moore County parent who doesn't yet know about Pollywogs you are in for a great treat. The perfect answer to a rainy day, Pollywogs also provides birthday parties and packages for families in Moore County seeking a great and imaginative way to celebrate your kiddo's birthday inside!

So, I am curious fellow Moore County moms, what are your favorite local places to celebrate the little ones in your lives? I am always interested in hearing new ideas to share with my fellow parents!