Hooray! If you've stumbled upon this page it likely means one amazing thing: you're expecting a baby! Whether your first babe or your last, capturing this precious and fleeting time of life is high on your priority list! We know the days are long and the years are short, but the newborn days seem to both exhaust and delight us at the same time. As a mom of two girls myself, I treasure the photos I have of their early days. They've changed so much, but every birthday I find myself looking back at those very first pictures I have of them. Seeing them in my arms, their tiny feet in my hands, really reminds me how much they have grown in a way no memory could. As a visual person, I count on these images to bring back all the memories and emotions of these early days.

I also know it can be a stressful decision-which photographer to choose! Newborn photography in the Pines is special to me! I brought my own daughter home from the local hospital to our now home-this village is a critical part of my own family's story and it was important to me to preserve it in images that will last forever. As a newborn photographer in Southern Pines, I wanted to share my insight on things that are key to look for when selecting your newborn photographer:

  1. Make Sure They are a Legal Business:

Let's get the icky part out of the way first. The truth of the matter is there are many folks who launch a photography business and do not file to be a legal business. There are a multitude of ethical issues involved with this one, but imagine you went to get your teeth cleaned-wouldn't you want someone to have an established, legal practice doing this job? Photography is the same. It is more than a hobby and certainly more than just having a nice camera and access to a few editing presets. Professional photographers charge their rates to pay for education, equipment, taxes, insurance, supplies, and to make a living wage. Be wary of photographers who charge way too little for a service. If it's too good to be true...it probably is and when we consider this is the most precious and fleeting phase of your life-you certainly want to trust a professional.

2. Consider What Type of Session You are Interested in:

Expecting parents have so many wonderful options for newborn photography! Studio sessions, in-home sessions, or outdoor sessions-it is best to consider how you want this phase of life to be remembered. In-home sessions and outdoor sessions are great ways to get your entire family involved, whereas studio sessions typically have an emphasis on the new baby.

3.Does your potential newborn photographer have an extensive newborn portfolio?

It is no surprise that photographing a new, tiny, delicate baby requires a special set of skills. It is important to ensure that your prospective photographer has experience handling a newborn and the knowledge to photograph this age group. Be sure to check out their portfolio before paying a deposit! I would love for you to take a moment to look over my newborn portfolio here!

4.Consider how packages or rates are calculated.

It is common for newborn photography session rates to look a bit different than your regular family session. Many photographers (especially studio photographers) offer a sitting fee which only pays for the rights to the studio space for the session and the photographers time and talent. This means you have to pay an additional fee for the actual digital images. This can be a huge distinguishing factor about newborn photographers!