Oh the sweetness of a one year old in my studio-these are some of my very favorite sessions here in the Southern Pines! Just like newborn sessions, these portrait photography sessions in Moore County tend to actually be very laid back and still quite baby driven. While I have an idea in my head of the images I hope to capture, I love spending time with the child to get a sense of his or her personality! I have plenty of toys and music on hand to bring out the smiles and help the child get comfortable in my studio space.

One of the joys of studio sessions is I can shoot them in ANY weather and I am not depending on a certain type of outdoor light to get the images I want. This proves great flexibility for my schedule as well as yours. We can always factor things in like your child's preferred time of day for happiest mood, as well as the ever important nap time. You also never have to worry about your kiddo getting dirty before their photo session-every parents worry!

While white clothing is not required, I do love photographing a one year old in white or neutral color to really draw a focus on their beautiful and innocent features. I have clothing on hand for one year olds in my studio as well to make the session easy on parents. I provide a changing room and bathroom with anything you could need to get your child photo-ready.

Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your one year old session:

  1. Consider nap time. It can't be overstated but nailing your child's happiest time of day is often the key to success. If your child is on a one nap a day schedule, many parents prefer to bring them inn the studio earlier in the day when they are freshly rested over night and just after breakfast. Which leads me to....
  2. Make sure they have a full tummy! It is helpful to have a full belly before the session but I do recommend you bring along some color free snacks. Animal crackers or other colorless snacks work great in the moment and don't leave stains on teeth, mouths, or most importantly-clothing!
  3. Bring along a favorite toy...or Grandparent!
  4. Don't over do it! I know...this is the hardest one for families. Most one year olds don't have the longest patience for photos...after all, they've got crawling or walking to do! I have found that you can typically expect your child to hang with us for about ten minutes before mentally (and physically) checking out at this age. I have lots of distractions and tricks on hand but we also need to be aware of their time limits for attention. I suggest parents take their cues from the toddlers on when the session needs to be over. I promise I will have gotten ALL I need by then1

Interesting in a cake smash in Pinehurst? My studio space is also prepped and ready for moms and dad's preferring a cake smash to celebrate their 1 year old!

Ready to book your Southern Pines portrait session? All my booking is now handled online through the following link: https://book.usesession.com/i/7Varbf6Fj/session-type/43817

I can't wait to celebrate your brand new one year old in studio!