Can you believe it? We are getting so close to the big Spring Mini Session event here in the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area! As an experienced Southern Pines Family Photographer, I wanted to share some tips to help you be best prepared for success for your mini session!

1.Arrive EARLY

Asa reminder, mini sessions are just that-SMALLER sessions and they move fast! Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session. This will give you time to wipe any snack faces, fix any outfits, and brush any hair! It is vital that I stay on track with everyone, so unfortunately if you arrive late you may miss the entirety of your session.

2.Dress with layers and texture:

Ahh, styling! Sometimes this feels like the HARDEST part of family photo sessions, doesn't it? Guess what! It doesn't have to be that hard. A month before the session you will receive a style guide to help walk you through some ideas for your session. Neutrals photograph well, especially if you include a pop of color in the palette. Layers (vests, jackets, fun hats, scarves. jewelry) also can add to the personality of your photos more than you realize!

Textures are also a huge bonus. Try to have a few different types of textures amongst your clothes for the best results. It is best to lay your clothes out together the night before. You always want to avoid being matchy-matchy, but rather have the clothes compliment each other. Stuck on that last outfit? Grey or brown or cream are always easy last minute additions. Check out my portfolio for some outfit inspiration if you're feeling stuck or visit a local boutique like Piggy and Co to grab some new clothes or accessories for your session.

3.Please make any special requests via email prior to the session:

Due to the nature of mini-sessions, I tend to shoot with a similar workflow to make everything run on time and smoothly! That being said, if you have a specific request for your session (maybe an image of yourself solo, or a child photographed in a certain manner), I do ask that you email those to me ahead of the session day so I can be best prepared to capture the moments you crave.

4.Rewards for kiddos!

I know you're worried about your kids acting wild during the session-I absolutely understand that fear! I have full confidence that I can successfully work one-on-one with your children to engage them in the session and even smile for the camera! Parents often bring along a little "reward" for the kids during the session. This is a great idea but I do have a few suggestions based on my experience for the greatest chance of success. First, don't let your child know what the surprise is before the session. SUSPENSE is your friend and if you let your child know what the reward is, he or she may decide prior to the session if its worth behaving for during the session! Right? We don't want to give them that chance! A wrapped "gift" or something they can't see the contents are one great way to encourage compliance.

If you do want to use treats during the session I recommend Sweet Tarts or another candy that doesn't have a color that will stain their mouths, teeth, and clothes!