As a Southern Pines Photographer it sure has been a busy spring! Here in Moore County, I have photographed SO many families, newborns, and children and my calendar for summer is filling up with sessions of all types. In two weeks I will open my new photography studio in Pinehurst and I am so thrilled to be able to offer so many new services for my families.

I am a true goal setter (thanks to my former career in higher education!) and love to outline some time oriented goals for myself. Below I am sharing (for accountability) my summer photography goals! I can't wait to share my progress with you all.

Launch my heirloom portraits:

Quite possibly the most exciting thing on my calendar this year is the launch of my classic heirloom portraits right here in Pinehurst, NC. Many of you may be familiar with heirloom portraits, but this classic style of portraits captures your child's youth in a timeless fashion. The portraits themselves are quick (15 minutes each) and produce 5 images in both black and white and color. While I do offer a digitals only package starting at $125, I am so proud to announce I will also be offering custom framing on these sessions! Yes, I am taking all the guess work and time out of the equation for you. I will have samples in studio of different frame and mat styles and colors and we will work together to design the

black and white image of little girl in bella bambini

Learn to frame:

Ok, I didn't see this one coming either but as I dove deeper into expanding my portrait offerings I came to realize these are images that REALLY deserve wall space. These aren't the images to live on your icloud my friends, these are "save in case of fire" type prints. The kinds you can't create with an iphone and for sure the type that deserve to be seen in your fancy living room space. Well, God offered me a huge wink when I answered a facebook marketplace ad last week about someone selling lots of frames (like LOTS of FRAMES) that fit exactly the style I wanted to offer. The story is an AMAZING story for another day, but it turns out I stumbled upon someone who was shutting down his framing and photography studio (and happens to live about two streets over from me!) I've learned so much about studio lighting as well as the art of framing that I hope to frame my own personal work for our house (as in...not send it off to a professional framer...I mean, do it MYSELF! WHOA!).

preteen girls eye lashes in black and white

Apply for Click Pro:

Ok guys, this one I really need you to hold me to. If you're like me 8 years ago, you had no idea what CLICKPRO was and certainly didn't know the first thing about applying for it. Click Pro is a group of ambitious photographers who have submitted a portfolio of 150 images to be critiqued on seven categories. A certain score is required to be awarded the title of ClickPro, a high honor in the world of professional photography. This goal seems LOFTY, so much so that my real goal is to just apply...and learn from my feedback. Like many, I don't think I will be accepted the first round (but...boy, that would be amazing.) but know I will grow so much by compiling my portfolio and reading my feedback. I also know this is not an overnight project. I've been shooting daily since January to hone my skills enough to consider application. I've also told myself that when I make it I will probably fall on the ground in tears. ALL of my photography mentors are ClickPros and the majority of my education has been through the Click Photo School. To be considered for ClickPro in and of itself means I have put my heart in soul into my photography and would come with so much pride.

Pinehurst branding headshot woman in a blue blazer at Soiree on South