Have you ever wondered if a mini session or a full session is for you?

As a Pinehurst family photographer, a popular question I am asked is if I offer mini-sessions and when? The answer is YES, but only twice a year!

Moore County Mini-sessions are only offered once in the spring and once in the fall. Why only twice you may ask? In my sessions I prefer to photograph ab entire hour with a family. I want to use the time in the beginning to build trust with your children, to set some expectations and help you with posing tips, and to take our time creating your family's photo story.

On the flip side, mini-sessions move quickly-15 minutes quickly to be exact!

There are certain families that mini-sessions are GREAT for including those:

  • Families with one child who is not yet walking.
  • Families who have older kids (usually over age 8) who are very compliant for family photos
  • Families who do not have a preference on location
  • A family looking for a holiday card photo who have already had a full session with me earlier in the year
  • A family looking to celebrate a milestone such as birthday or an anniversary.

I would recommend contacting me to schedule a full session if you:

  • Young children (especially if they are under 5) or very active older children
  • You'd like to borrow clothing from my client closet
  • You have a strong preference on a location (We will work together to come up with a great location that fits your family's personality!)
  • You have children who are slow to warm up with strangers or you yourself prefer to learn some flattering posing tips during the session
  • You want a larger gallery with lots of different images to tell your story

Hurry! Limited Sessions are offered for spring mini-sessions!

Spring 2021 mini sessions are booking NOW and only a few spots remain. In the Moore County area, I am offering Mini Sessions April 23-25th at both the Little Way Flower Farm and the Weymouth Center for the Arts.

toddler boys under age 4 with their dad
twin boys smiling at the camera
a family on the ground snuggling and laughing together
young boy being silly with his family