“Vision is that original spark that was ignited within you and made you pick up a camera to capture whatever it is you saw, that made you turn to shout "Did you see that!" only to find no one there--so you created an image to do the telling.”

-David DuChemin

I consider myself a pretty colorful person. I talk with my hands, listen to my music loudly, and live my life in Ennegram 7 style. But I need to be honest about something. I absolutely adore shooting in black and white. From the beginning of my photography education I found myself converting my images to black and white. Nearly all my photography course assignmnets are black and white images. In Pinehurst, NC we are surrounded by color. But boy, is there something about black and white. Striped of color, these images spoke to me differently. These images told a story, shared a specific emotion, and captured a moment in ways I don't feel like color can. I saw joy, fear, curiosity, and oftentimes love in my artwork. Today I am sharing some of my black and white art and asking you the question, what role does color play in your life? Do you feel emotions differently when looking at a black and white photo? Do you love black and white portrait photography of your children or prefer images in color?

lifestyle beach photography
summer bubble pop in lifestyle photography
Toddler Reading a Book in Window Light
Baby on Dads Shoulder
Toddler waiting by the stairs