4 things I am looking forward to doing this spring with my family in Moore County

I can almost feel the warm air now, but as I look out my window here in Pinehurst, there is remnants of our third snow still lingering on my lawn. I am a lover of all things spring and summer and do my best to endure the cooler months here in Moore County with the promise of brighter, longer, and warmers day lingering right around the corner. Moore County is FULL of spring family events on the calendar and I am already to share these with my family.

The Harness Track Horse TrainingThis may be the best hidden secret for families of young children in Moore County! Have you visited the Fair Barn and Horse track over in Pinehurst? I bet you’ve eaten a delicious breakfast at the Track but have you stayed to watch the race horses training during the week days? One of my favorite things to do is grab my girls for a quick golf cart ride to the track and a picnic to watch the horses train. This is nothing like anything my kids have seen so up close and personal and for free! Occasionally we will get lucky and have a trainer bring their race horse over for a quick lesson. We’ve also gotten lucky and had a few trainers let us come into the stables to share all about how they feed and care for the horses. My kids LOVE learning about the horses and picking their favorites to watch each week. Did I mention this is free toddler entertainment in Moore County? Race over there!

Southern Pines Spring Fest: This one certainly isn’t a secret but a very popular spring event in the Pines! Enjoying the spring weather and walking the streets of Southern Pines with all the vendors is a great way to ring in spring and shop local.  My kids love the face painting at this event! 

Live After 5 in Pinehurst: In late spring we start getting really ancy for life music and food trucks in Pinehurst! Head over to the Village Green at Tufts Park to take in free live music, great company and delicious food. I love the sponsors who will pass out balloons and swag for the kids. We love bringing a picnic blanket and dinner and enjoy the weather.

Pinehurst Farmers Market: If you haven’t been to the Pinehurst or Southern Pines Farmers Market in Moore County you are missing out on a great small town weekly event. We love them so much we tend to go both during the week day and the weekend! In Pinehurst we LOVE getting to pet our golden friends in the truck. If you know…you know!

Spring Mini Sessions: Last but not least I am finally able to announce my one weekend of mini-sessions for spring! My business model is I only host one weekend of spring minis (and one in the fall) each season and these go FAST FAST FAST! The most popular email inquiry I get is when my mini-sessions are an dI am so glad to be able to share this year they will take place on the weekend of April 9th! Location is still pending!

Looking for a quick and budget friendly way to document your kids, your time in Moore County, or your frames? Minis are a great way!