dad in blue jeans reading book to daughter sitting on Montessori bed
black and white portrait of boy in cat and jack flannel shirt
mom and dad with two German Shepard dogs sitting on floor with newborn

Well friends, this has sure been a wild ride hasn't it? Buckle up because...

Come June 1, I am ECSTATIC to announce that I will be opening my own Natural LIGHT STUDIO!

A few months ago on a family walk in downtown Southern Pines, we passed an open retail spot. I remarked to my husband, "I would love to have my very own creative space one day" and I let that whimsical thought drift away. But my heart kept working and the little voice about a studio space started to get louder. The ache I had to answer this creative vision for a dreamy natural light studio and work space became too much to leave unanswered.

A few weeks passed and without voicing this dream to anyone outside of my immediate family, I became connected with the perfect space in the heart of town that was needing a new tenant in a few months. After a tour and some prayer, Lolly's Lens Studio in Southern Pines was born!

So what does this mean? I will now be able to offer my lovely families SO much more and elevate my client expeirence at the same time. I have expanded my client closet to help you keep your photo session costs down, will offer more services for your family (need an updated headshot? Heirloom Vignette Portrait? Cake smash or 1 year old Session?), will have a dressing room and bathroom in my studio (which just so happens to be located on 15 aces of land and ideal for outdoor photos) all while maining the heart of my business: connecting with family's in their homes and outside for family sessions in beautiful natural light.

I know this little space will allow me to grow in deeper community with the families I serve, provide a cozy spot for educating other local photographers, and connect me with new families to love on in Moore County. It doesn't hurt I will also finally have a space to put ALL my photography gear and keep it out of the curious hands of my preschoolers and my husband's beloved garage!

Come June 1, you will find my studio and office space on Midland Road, right next to Ironwood! I will be sharing more details as I get settled in my space and a grand opening celebration this summer! Hint: you're invited!

Thank you ALL for continuing to support this labor of creative love. I cannot wait to capture more memories, milestones, and mamas in my new space. and hope you all will join me as I live out my dreams!