You are starting to think about scheduling some family photos here in Moore County and you're looking for a family and newborn photographer in Moore County. I know you likely have a few questions or fears as you think about scheduling! Below are four very common questions I receive weekly regarding family photos in the Southern Pines and Pinehurst area!

  1. What can I do to ensure you are able to capture our best photos?

In my experience photographing families of all ages and stages one of the most important considerations is basic needs of your children: when are they well rested, fed, and happiest? For some families, this is first thing inn the morning when everyone is fresh off a good night's sleep and not yet confronted with the stresses (and tantrums) the day will bring. I'd really love for you to consider an early morning session for this reason! Kids areaALWAYS happiest first thing in the morning and tend to deteriorate as the day goes on. When I have a session that requires a bit more "work" (if you know what I mean) in getting the kids happy it is usually related to a child taking a poor nap that day. It is so important they get rest to have a good session. I also firmly believe that our kiddos (and even the youngest of babies) sense any stress we may be feeling getting ready for a session and adjust their own temperament to match. The key really is to be as calm as possible getting your family ready for their session and don't put added pressure on the kids by saying things like "We are going to take photos and I need you to do your good smile." I've found this ALWAYS backfires. The way to get the good smile is to relax...let me take control of the session and don't force any types of behaviors. Let it happen organically through the way I structure and take control of the session. Sometimes I will even take a child off to the side by themselves just to capture them in a more relaxed environment where they don't feel the pressure to have a certain smile. Most of the time after a bit I can tell what your child's real smile is as opposed to their forced photo smile.

  1. What am I able to request of my photo session?

In a full session I always allow a family to choose location! You are welcome to request a certain time of day that fits with your schedule but I will also give lighting guidance and suggestions on time of a day for your location of choice. Some locations locally photograph better at certain times of day and I have the experience with making those location specific suggestions as it relates to timing. You are welcome to request certain "poses" or groupings but please know I always capture the obvious groupings such as (mom with kids, dad with kids, mom and dad together, kids together, kids with pets.). Your gallery will have a great deal of variety in it!

  1. How do you handle photoshop requests?

Oh photoshop. First, let me start by saying you are most beautiful as you are. This is how your family will remember you and your kids. My photoshop philosophy is if it is not going to be there in two weeks....I will remove it. This includes things like acne, scars from a fall, bumps, bruises, and the like. Dirt or scratches, parts of clothes that got ditty are all things I think that should be expecting to be photoshopped if asked. Photoshop requests outside of those I do charge an extra fee for (things such as making a body part appear smaller or smoothing of skin and wrinkles.). I promise you are beautiful as you are.

  1. Can I keep my photos private?

ABSOLUTELY! While I love the chance and permission to share select images from your gallery with the world (it is likely how you found me too...seeing someone else's photos!) I absolutely recognize that each family has different rules regarding the sharing of their children and family online. I'd love for you to consider allowing me to share a faceless image (things such as hands holding or backs of a head) but respect entirely any requests for privacy. At the current time I do not charge a fee for private photo sessions (though I know this is common amongst photographers)