toddler and dog at door

As a family and newborn photographer in Pinehurst and Southern Pines, North Carolina, I want to help you preserve your day-to-day family memories at home with a few key tips to take better photos of your kids.

Get on their level.

One of my favorite tips for photographing children is to shoot on their level. This will give you and your camera a great perspective of seeing the world as they see it. It will also allow you to capture focus better (more on that later) and frame their face with the elements surrounding them. When photographing your children at home, you want your photo to tell a story. Getting on their level allows you to include more elements in the frame and better round out your story telling.

When using portrait mode on your iphone, focus on the eyes!

As a family photographer in Southern Pines, I have to make some big decisions about what elements of our beautiful area I want to include in my frame, but the biggest point of concern for me is FOCUS! When photographing your children at home, aim to grab focus on their eyes.

Capture key moments of your routine that you don't want to forget!

Lastly, as moms we know how quickly these days fly pass us by. Everyday feels like the same routine, wake up, breakfast, get the kids dressed, and out the door. When photographing your kids, I challenge you to capture some moments of your daily life that you never want to forget. Is it the way your kid fumbles through putting on clothes? Silly hair in the tub? The way she rearranges the food on her plate into funny shapes? Capture it. Intentionally. I want to help you tell your family's unique story and these little moments are what make up our lives, right?

toddler on tip toes in Pinehurst