As a newborn photographer in Southern Pines and Pinehurst one of my greatest joys is capturing the first days with fresh babies. I remember my newborn session with my first daugther. I was sleep deprived, a brand new mom trying to figure out feeding this new baby and finding time to get myself quasi-dressed for the day, and utterly exhausted. My husband and I stumbled into this hot studio and watched as the photographer posed our baby. We got the photos back a few weeeks later and they have lived on my icloud ever since. If I am lucky, I could find them if I looked long enough. I think we printed one. The entire expeirence was exhausting. I fell asleep on the studio couch. I didn't even get my second baby photographed when the time came.

This experienced showed me the importance of feeling comfortable during your newborn shoot and if you're anyhting like me, comfort starts in my own home. Without having to dress and head out the door in a limited time. It's diapers and pumps and rocking chairs at the ready. It's a snack in my fridge when I am starving from breastfeeding my new baby or my own bed to rest my feet for a second while the photographer photographs the baby in her nursery. This is why I offer at-home lifestylife newborn photography in Moore County. I want this for you mama, so you can have these memories and photos of your new baby without all the stress.

What is the best age to photograph newborns?

Newborns are best photographed on days 6-17 after birth, when they have been out long enough to loose a bit of their startle reflex, but young enough that they are still sleepy and much more willing to be photographed in a number of positions.

Where do you photograph newborns?

I photograph all the sweet babes in their own homes! Why? Mom and babe are most comfortable in their environment and if siblings or pets are invovled, this is the easiest way to capture all the images. In-home sessions provide ideal diversity in your image gallery-giving you many more "looks" for the entire gallery. I am also able to capture your family's intimate story-the nursery, your couch, all the things that make your family YOU!

What do my baby and I need to wear to our session?

Mom and dad should dress natural. For siblings dress them in natural colors as well. Jeans, white shirts., etc. Southern Pines and Pinehurst have beautiful boutiques to find accessories like diaper covers or hairbows for newborns. Check out my favorite child's boutique in Southern Pines here!

What days do you photograph newborns?

I photograph all newborn sessions 7 day a week and we typically start at 10am or 1030am. This is the time where you can keep your baby awake long enough before you come to ensure they are sleepy for the session.

When can I schedule my newborn session?

I ask that you reach out and reserve your "due date" as soon as you are ready to book a photographer. I only book 4 newborn sessions a month so ask that you call or email me in the first 2 days of life so we can pick the best day for your session.

What can I expect at my session?

The first thing I do (once I bring in ALL my gear!) is take a tour of your house. Don't worry- I am not looking at all your "stuff"! What I am only looking for is LIGHT! I use all natural light for my sessions so I wanted to identify the rooms in your house that will be best for this type of lighting. By touring the house I can find areas and corners that are perfect for your session. Don't underestimated any room in your house. Sometimes the rooms that clients feel are the "darkest" can actually be the best to shoot in when we OPEN THOSE BLINDS and pull back the curtians. If baby is fed and happy, I will begin with some solo shots of your sweet babe. From there I will add siblings and then of course grab shots with mom and dad and baby solo. I always grab detail shots of the baby's nursery or any special trinkets you would like remembered.

How long will my session last?

Shoots typically take 2.5-3 hours. I always say quality over quantity with newborn sessions. Some babies like to sleep, some do not! We just go with the flow. The sibling portion lasts about 15 minutes. I like to grab the one epic sibling shot, the one great family shot, 1 or 2 mom and dad shots and the rest we focus on the baby.